“Liefdestijd – Tiempo de amor
(Time of Love)
The most beautiful love poetry from Nicaragua
Selection; Rafael Carcelén& Germain Droogenbroodt
Translation: Germain Droogenbroodt
IPoems by Claribel Alegía, Gioconda Belli, Ernesto Cardenal, Blanca Castellón, Madeline Mendieta and Carlos Fonseca Grigsby
Publication in hard cover
160 pages, ISBNno. 9789490347338, price: 19,50€
Postage Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain: +3€
Other countries: +5€

Conosci il tuo paese?
Meditazioni sul Lago di Como
Poetry of Germain Droogenbroodt
Paintings by artists of the GAE
(Gruppo Artisti Erbese)
Lake Como, Italy

Introduction by: Donatella Bisutti Epilogue by: Luca Benassi Italian publication of “Do you know the country?
Meditations at Lake Como” with 17 paintings in colour The same poetry book is available (without paintings) in English, Dutch and Spanish, Publication in soft cover (pocket) 80 pages,
ISBNno. 9789490347321,
Price: 15.90€ Postage Belgium The Netherlands and Spain:
+3€ Other countries: + 5€

“De tijd is een reiziger” (Time is a traveler)
Modern and classical Korean poetry Selection and rendering:in Dutch Germain Droogenbroodt
A selection of poetry by the best modern Korean poets, as well as love poems by Kisaeng (Korean geishas) and Sijo, Korean short poems with some similarity to the Japanese haiku.

Publication in hard cover
164 pages, ISBNno. 9789490347314, Price: 19,50€
Postage Belgium The Netherlands and Spain: +3€
Other countries: + 5€

“Die Tautropfen der Morgenröte” (The dewdrops of Daybreak) Anthology, poems of Germain Droogenbroodt,
translated into German. Selected from 9 poetry books
Illustrations by Satish Gupta
IMPORTANT:the same selection of poems will be published in several languages, so that interested readers can buy the original verion or translations in other languages. Publications are planned sof ar in Dutch, English, Spanish and Croation.
Publication in soft cover (pocket)
207 pages, ISBNno. 9789490347307, Price: 15.90€
Postage Belgium The Netherlands and Spain: +3€
Other countries: + 5€

"Unshadowed Light" (Ontschaduwd licht) - Desombrada luz)

The latest poetry book by Germain Droogenbroodt Biligual Dutch-Spanish
Illustrations:by Yves Beaumont

Publication in hard cover

187 pages
ISBN 9789490347246
Price : Price: 19,50€, excluding postage Belgium & The Netherlands: + 3,55€ Postage EC: + 5€ Other countries: + 6€

“Unshadowed Light” (Ontschaduwd licht) - Desombrada luz)
Same publication as above but as pocket

187 pages ISBN 9789490347246 Price : Price: 15,90€, excluding postage
Belgium & The Netherlands: + 3,55€
Postage EC: + 5€
Other countries: + 6€

De mooiste Japanse haiku’s, deel 2

(The Most Beautiful Japanese Haiku, part 2)

Poems by the Japanese haiku masters: Bashô, Buson, Issa, Shiki and a large selection of other Japanese poets Japanese (partly) -Dutch Selection, introduction.
translation: Germain Droogenbroodt
Cover: Ho Huai-shuo
Illustrations: Leen FM de Vos

160 pages
ISBN: 9789490347215
Price: 19,50€, excluding postage Belgium & The Netherlands: + 3,55€ Postage EC: + 5€ Other countries: + 6€

“In de stroom van de tijd – En la corriente del tiempo”
(In the Stream of Time, Meditations in the Himalayas)

2nd Print!
Poetry by Germain Droogenbroodt
Cover & illustrations: Frans Minnaert

189 pages
ISBN: 978 94 90347 178
Price: 15,90€
Postage Belgium & The Netherlands: +3€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€

”De stem aan de andere kant -
La voz del otro lado

Modern poetry from Argentina

Translation: Germain Droogenbroodt – Jean Schalekamp
Selection and introduction:: Rafael Carcelén
Cover: Chihung Yang

Published in the hard cover series: a selection of poetry by the best modern poets from Argentina, poems about love, hope, solitude, the dictatorship and daily life:
a mirror of contemporary Argentinean society, one of the world’s most fertile countries in contemporary poetry, poems of Roberto Juarroz, Juan Gelman, Ajejandra Pizarnik, Luisa Futoransky, Hugo Mujica, Leopoldo Castilla, Jorge Boccanera, Fabian Casas, Martín Gambarotta, Claudia Masín and Marina Mariasch.

178 pages
ISBN: 9789490347130
Price: 19,50€, excluding postage
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3.55€
Postage EC: + 5€
Other countries: + 6€



“Als een vlinder een gedicht wordt”

Modern Macedonian poetry

Translation: Germain Droogenbroodt-Ana Topencarova
Selection: Lidija Kapushevska-Vladimir Martinovski

76 pages
ISBN 978 94 90347 123
Price: 15,90€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3€

Tegenlicht - Contraluz”
  2nd Print!
Poetry by Germain Droogenbroodt
Cover: Ho Huai-shuo
Illustrations: Satish Gupta

205 pages
ISBN: 978 94 90347 147
Price: 15,90€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3€

de Weg – el Camino”
  3rd print!

Poetry by Germain Droogenbroodt
Dutch - Spanish
Cover and illustrations: Satish Gupta

71 pages
ISBN: 978 94 90347 154
Price: 10,95€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3€

  2nd print!

Modern poetry from Poland
Poems by Czeslaw Milosz
Translation: Kris Van Heuckelom
Cover: Jan Lebenstein

161 pages
ISBN 978 94 90347 048
Price: 15,90€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3€


From 31st October till 11th November 2014

Hall 4, Booth no. 423

Launching an extraordinary poetry book

Liefdestijd – Tiempo de amor

Love poems by the best poets from Nicaragua:

Claribel Alegía, Gioconda Belli, Ernesto Cardenal, Blanca Castellón, Madeline Mendieta and Carlos Fonseca Grigsby


Everything I love
is in you
and you are
in everything I love


I do not need opinions…

I do not need opinions.
Neither more digressions
nor theological speeches
which anesthetize my wound.
I need your words,
the image of your face
between the blankets,
your last moaning
in my ears. 

Claribal Alegría

I, the one who loves you

I am your untamed gazelle
the thunder shattering the light on your chest.
I am the wind unchained in the mountain
and the concentrated radiance of the ocote’s fire. *
I heat your nights
lighting volcanoes in my hands,
moistening your eyes with  my crater’s smoke.
I came towards you wrapped in rain and memories,
laughing the immutable laughter of the years.
I am the unexplored road,
the light that shatters the dark.
I put stars between your skin and mine
and overrun you thoroughly, 
trail after trail,
unlacing my love,
undressing my fear.
I am a name that sings and seduces you
from the other side of the moon,
I am the extension of your smile and your body.
I am something that grows,
something that laughs and cries.
the one who loves you.

* ocote, a kind of pine tree, used to light fire
Gioconda Belli
Tr. Germain Droogenbroodt


Somoza unveils the statue of Somoza
in the stadium of Somoza

It is not that I believe that the people erected this statue for me
because I know better than you that I ordered it myself.
Nor do I think that I will enter with it posterity
because I know that the people will knock it down one day.
Neither did I want to erect myself the monument
which deceased you will not erect:
but I erected this statue because I know you will hate it.

Ernesto Cardenal
Tr. Germain Droogenbroodt
Just published, “The Dew of Daybreak”, anthology Germain Droogenbroodts poetry, selected from his 10 published poetry books. Translated in Croatian by Zeljka Lovrencic. Illustrations by the famous Indian artist Satish Gupta.


Germain Droogenbroodts poetry books have already been published in 25 countries!

The Poetic Evening Concerts at Ithaca

The Spanish Cultural Foundation Ithaca, founded by Germain Droogenbroodt and Liliane Leroy, celebrated this year with overwhelming success the 5th Edition of the Poetic Evening Concerts at the seat of the foundation in Altea, Spain

20th July, concert by the Armenian violinist Susanna Gregorian and the Polish cellist Rafal Jezierski

27th July, “Trio d’Archi Palomares”, Joaquín&Joaquín Pall Palomares, violins, Susanna Nielsen, viola

3rd August, “Ensemble Giusto”, Pilar Marín Peyrolón, viola, Pablo Marín Peyrolón clarinet, Miquel Pérez Perelló, guitar

10th August, Santiago Juan, violin, Vicent Ballester guitar

17th August, “Silvia Peña Jazz Quartet”, Silvia Peña, voice, Eo Simon, keyboard, Richie Ferrer, contrabass, Carlos Carli, drums

Mrs. Dominique Schoofs, Belgian consul of Alicante and her husband Robert Deladrier are frequent guests at the Poetic Evening Concerts of ITHACA.


International Poetry Festival
“MichaiEminescu” in Craiova, Rumania

16 – 18 September 2014

The Rumanian city of Craiova, candidate Cultural Capital of Europe in 2021, organized three days long an extraordinary international poetry festival. Not the biggest, but without doubt one of the best international poetry festival with excellent poets from all over the world such as Hanane Aad from Lebanon, Mamta Agarwal from India, Ion Deaconescu, Slavco Almajan, Paul Aretzu , Catalin Bordeianu, Daniel Corbu, Virgil Dumitrescu, Mihai Dutescu, Florea Miu from Rumania, Hai An, Yu Yu and Ding Cheng from China, Ian Baba from Serbia, Milan Richter and Attila F. Balázs from Slovakia, Ataol Behramoglu from Turkey, the artist Vicenzo Binchi from Italy, Vladas Braziunas from Lithuania, Nicole Brossard from Montreal, Nicolae Dabija from Moldavia, Germain Droogenbroodt from Belgium, Laura Garavaglia and Gaetano Longo from Italy, Mend-OoyoGombojav from Mongolia, Saúl Ibargoyen from Uruguay. Michael Harlow from New Zealand, Yong-Tae Min from Korea, Knut Ödegard from Norway, Sreten Perovici and Nedeljko Terzic from Serbia, Amadou LamineSall from Senegal, Veaceslav Samoskin from Russia, Jüri Talvet from Estonia, Peter Waugh from the UK...

The International Poetry Festival “Mihai Eminescu” in Craiova, Rumania, very professionally organized by Ion Deaconescu, himself a well known poet. Craiova, candidate European Capital in 2021 proved to have everything a city needs be the European Capital: warm hospitality, excellent treatment of the guests, professional organization and last but not least: CULTURE. With poets from all over the world, Craiova has been three days long an international meeting place of poets. Old friends met, new friends were made and important of less important future international poetic events were planned

Ion Deaconescu, president of the poetry festival giving a conference at the Opera.

Lia Olguta Vasilescu, the charming Mayor of Craiova

Germain Droogenbroodt and translator Roxana reading at the state of National Opera of Craiova

Bozgan.II, first violinist of the Opera of Craiova, giving a virtuoso recital for the poets

Hai An, Chinese poet and translator of Germain Droogenbroodts poetry in Chinese dedicated a poem to the Flemish poet

Joyful Chinese friends and a dreaming Laura Garavaglia at a wine tasting party at Epoc Restaurant

Craiova has a large number of impressive buildings, such as the Town Hall

The National Museum, offers some fine works of Rumanians greatest and world famous sculptor: Constantin Brancusi

Lovers, a nice sculpture by Constantin Brancusi at the Art Museum of Craiova

The pillar without end, work by Constantin Brancusi

Stature of Michael The Brave, regarded as the greatest hero of Rumania , born in 1558 and murdered in 1601

Fountains, every night joyfully dancing at the music of Strauss, Vivaldi etc.

A concert at the opera, wine tasting andclosing the poetic event with dance wine and delicious suckling pig

Anthology of Contemporary Universal Poetry

An excellent anthology of contemporary International poetry was launched at the Michai Eminescu International Poetry Festival in Craiova

Coordinator and president of the International Poetry Festival left nothing undone to make the Poetry Festival a memorable and unforgettable event, publishing in Rumanian a beautifully anthology, more than 3cm thick, containing of all included poets, a handwritten poem in their original languages, several poems translated into Rumanian, a biography and a picture. The prestigious book contains poems by such famous poets as the Noble Prize laureates Tomas Tranströmer, Günter Grass, Wole Soyinka as well as Adonis (Syria-France), Mamta Agarwal (India), Claribel Alegría (Nicragua-El Salvador), Hai An (China), Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke (Greece), Miquel Barnet (Cuba), Yves Bonnefoy (France), Francisco Brines (Spain), Casimiro de Brito (Portugal), Nicole Brossard (Montreal), Desmond Egan (Ireland), Evgheni Yevtushenco (Rusia), Oscar Hahn (Chile), Reiner Kunze (Germany), Hai An, Song Lin (China), Gaetano Longo and Laura Garavaglia (Italy), Amadeu Thiago de Mello (Brazil), Amir Or (Israel), Knut Ödegard (Norway, Fernando Rendón (Colombia), Milan Richter (Slovakia), PiaTaftruf (Denmark), Arima Takashi (Japan), Jüri Talvet (Estonia), IstvánTurczi (Hungry), Germain Droogenbroodt (Belgium-Spain) etc.

Germain Droogenbroodt as well as Milan Richter and Jüri Talvet had an interview at the Rumanian national television during their stay at the poetry festival.

CLICK HERE to hear and see the interview (English and Rumanian).

In Italy, at Lake Como, recital, exhibition, book launching

The 29th April, recital and launching of “Conosci il tuo paese?, Meditacioni sul Lago di Como with exhibition of paintings inspired by the poems at Palazzo del Borgo, Como, Italy

Some views of Lake Como, one of the world’s most enchanting lakes

Giovanni Brambilla, president of the Gruppo Artistico Erbese, presenting the poetry & painting publication and opening the exhibition

Laura Garavaglia, poet and president of the international Poetry Festival “Europa in Versi" reads a selection of the poems in Italian

Two good friends, the painter Aldo Scorza and the poet Germain Droogenbroodt

Verses lost
to Satish Gupta


The day
deprived of the sun
the poem
of paper and pen

Language lost the seagulls
floating between the white crests
of the sloshing water

White shreds
entrusted to the winds
and the waves of the lake

Verses lost.

Germain Droogenbroodt

From: Do you know the country?Meditations at Lake Como

17 paintings by the artists of the Gruppo Artistico Erbese, inspired by the poems and included in the publication

9-copia 10-copia 11-copia 12-copia 13-copia 14-copia 15-copia 16-copia 18-copia 2-copia 3-copia 4-copia 5-copia 6-copia 7-copia 8-copia
In Liznjan, a writers’ residence in Croatia

Croatia, much more than sand & sun

Pula, capital of Istria

Gate of Hercules, built in the 1st century AD. Above the arc is a head of Hercules with club

Roman temple with 6 pillars of Romae and Augustus, built 1century AD

The amphitheatre of Pula, built by Claudius but enlarged by Vespasian for gladiator fights. It is one of the 6 biggest Roman amphitheatres, offering seats to 23.000 spectators.


Library & Literary Retreat in Ližnjan

The village of Ližnjan

ZVONA i NARI (Bells & Pomegranates), located at the small village of Ližnjan in Istria, close to the Italian border offers a free place to stay, create, and engage in a dialogue with their colleagues, writers, poets, translators, critics, editors, publishers, literary scholars and all those who actively participate in the literary exchange. For this purpose the retreat provides four fully furnished houses, available for shorter or longer periods of stay during the entire year. These houses, along with a small library with which they share a part of the space, are situated on a country estate in the village of Ližnjan, at the southernmost tip of the Istrian Peninsula, some 12 kilometres from Pula, at the Adriatic Coast of Croatia.

The library itself offers free access to its collection to the guests of the retreat as well the local community. It has now close to five and a half thousand titles a third of which are in English, Italian, and German. Among those there is a collection of several hundred titles on the subject of literary theory, literary authorship, and literary collaboration that might be of interest to literary scholars specializing in these particular fields. For information, write to:

In Spain: el Camino (The Road), poetry recital with singing bowls and exhibition of paintings in the Auditorio del Mediterráneo, La Nucia (Alicante).

“El Camino” Poetry recital with Singing Bowls & Exhibition of paintings by de Satish Gupta



Like an ephemeral flower

like a handful of snow
which for a moment glitters in the sun
and melts

slowly seeps away

merges with
and again becomes
- earth.

there is no shadow
larger than nits Light

Germain Droogenbroodt

from: “The Road”


Germain Droogenbroodt recited his philosophic poems, accompanied by Juultje Tatrai who played masterly the Singing Bowls

María José García introduces very professionally the event which fascinated the public till the last word, till the last sound

Germain Droogenbroodt reciting with Juultje Tatrai

paintings of the famous Indian artist Satish Gupta

paintings of the famous Indian artist Satish Gupta

The Road (read TAO) a poetic bridge between West and East Published in 24 countries: in Chinese, Cyrillic, Dutch, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Japenese, Malayalam, Mongolian, Rumanian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish …

October 10th in Spain
At the University of Benisa (Alicante) at 19.30h.
Germain Droogenbroodt reads a selection of his poems in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish, accompanied and with guitar solos by Vicent Ballester.
Music by: Francisco Tárrega, Isaac Albéniz, Valentín Bielsa, Heitor Villalobos etc.

October 16-19thTetovo, Macedonia
International Poetry Festival

With poets from Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Island, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia and  Turkey

October 31st till 11th November
POINT Editions exhibits at the Book Fair in Antwerp

November 7th, at 19.30h Marke (Kortrijk)
Kapel O.L.V. Ten Spieghele, Cisterciënzerplein
Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of POINT Editions, poet-founder of the publishing house will read his cycle “The Road”, 30 short poems, a poetic bridge between East and West, accompanied by JuultjeTatrai, playing masterly Tibetan  Sound scales

More details will be added as soon as they are available

POINT Editions: poems from the world's best
known and unknown poets in English, Spanish, Dutch, Arab, Chinese…
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